Tools of the trade

Getting down to the nitty gritty of webcomics: While it may seem to be a compliment or that you are doing Dubiosity a favor by reposting a comic you see on this site someplace else, it is in effect stealing from me. It’s not about money. I mean honestly, it’s a webcomic. Most of us do it purely out of love and artistic expression. What is IS about is copyright. I create and OWN the work on this site. I get to dictate where and how my work will be distributed and who (if anybody) gets to make money from my work. I have to defend this copyright. If I don’t protect it, I lose it.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t talk about Dubiousity, and spread the word.

Feel free to post links back to my site! I publish advertising and those hits help pay the hosting / bandwidth bills.
I have banners and art that is web/print ready that can placed in articles and pages if needed.

If it doesn’t link back to us, then you need to pay for it. Please email me and we’ll work something out.

It goes without saying that cutting, trimming, photoshopping, altering, or otherwise taking our art and doing anything with it outside of its original form is severely uncool. Even in an editorial article! Just say no.

By saying no, you enable me to keep doing what I do best… drawing little slices of randomness as therapy for my life.

Thank you!

D. Thomas Van Etten