Tools of the trade

Required comic startup bio.

December 2014: One upon a time there was a boy who liked to draw. It helped him make sense of an otherwise nonsensical world. He grew up into an adult who like to draw. From time-to-time he joined in with the nonsensical world, but it never felt like home. He would much rather be by himself, drawing. Today he draws, not to make sense of the madness that surrounds him, but to escape to a place where things don’t need to add up, or be rational, and that’s OK. Not adding up makes perfect sense to him.

April 2015, the year of hell: Let me sum up. I was diagnosed with a spinal condition that was turning me into a quadriplegic, and would eventually kill me. They cut me open and removed parts of seven disks in my neck. It hurt. A lot. They tanked me up on multiple heavy-duty pain meds for over 8 months. (This explains some of my posts earlier on.) My surgery was in April. In June my wife was diagnosed with a large carsonoid tumor in her left lung. They removed it. We both survived to tell the tale. Not a lot of webcomic-ing was done. But we both learned a lot of new ways to say, “Ow.”

April 2016: Really, how much worse can it be than paralysis, death, and cancer? Everything is looking up. I am illustrating full-time in my studio, and my wife is back writing webcode. I would love to promise a post every week, but we both know that isn’t going to happen. I just find so much JOY to be able to hold a pencil again. Life is good.